E57 Part 1 With Ingvar Estrada

ep57 part 1 with ingvar estrada miss ds luna si

On today’s show Miss D chats with one of the most multifaceted people to have ever been on the show, Ingvar Estrada. Ingvar comes from a family of music as his mother was a Swedish Opera singer and his father was an Italian composer, but his range as an entertainer is far more broad than that. Listen as we walk through his marvelous career in various industries and listen to some of his hit songs.

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E56 With Alex Donner

Episode 56 Part 2 With Alex Donner miss ds luna si

My guest in today’s show razzles, dazzles, and makes everyone move their feet. He is both a singer and band leader and has performed for presidents, royalty, and celebrities alike. He’s a former lawyer turned world class musician. Listen as we walk through his incredibly interesting history and share some of his music in today’s show.

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E50 With Georgie Donnelly

miss ds luna si episode 50 with georgie donnelly

Miss D and Georgie Donnelly discuss her successful art career. Georgie grew up in South Africa before moving to New York and then Europe. They discuss her various mediums, including ceramics and painting, and how she goes about creating. Miss D and Georgie also discusses other topics including the left waltz and the four languages Georgie has learned.
GeorgieDonnelly.com for all details.

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E38 With Prince Dimitri de Yougoslavie!

E38 with Prince Dimitri De Yugoslavia Miss ds luna si

Miss D and Prince Dimitri discuss his royal background with his Mother as the eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Italy and his Father as the son of the Prince Regent of Yugoslavia and the Princess of Greece and Denmark. Being surrounded by beautiful jewelry, he was drawn to gemology and studied that while working for 16 years at Sotheby’s. They cover his rise to success to designing jewelry, saving a large Japan jewelry show, and his passion for meditation.


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E14 With Nadine Kalachnikoff


Miss D and Nadine discuss Nadine’s parents’ escape from the Nazis. Her mother (from Spain) and father (from Russia) met in Paris. Nadine’s father was friends with the Nazi General who was asked by Hitler to burn Paris. The General allowed Nadine’s family to travel to Spain and eventually to the US. In school Hemingway helped her on a paper on “The Old Man and the Sea” and it received an “F.”

They also discuss costume balls, Dali, dyslexia, businesses she has started (pasta shop then catering company), Martha Stewart, gun safety, Lars Bolander showrooms, and butterfly canvases.

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