E46 With Susan Beattie

episode 46 with Susan Beattie


Miss D and Sophie discuss how the two of them met at camp in Vermont many years ago, reconnected on Facebook, and became friends once more. Sophie also tells about her inspirations behind her music and time traveling in her RV cross country. Miss D also discusses 3 songs, which are played in their entirety: “Spiritual Being,” “Gypsy in Control,” and “It Hasn’t Happened Yet.”
SophieCarpenter.com for all details on her career.

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E38 With Prince Dimitri de Yougoslavie!

E38 with Prince Dimitri De Yugoslavia Miss ds luna si

Miss D and Prince Dimitri discuss his royal background with his Mother as the eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Italy and his Father as the son of the Prince Regent of Yugoslavia and the Princess of Greece and Denmark. Being surrounded by beautiful jewelry, he was drawn to gemology and studied that while working for 16 years at Sotheby’s. They cover his rise to success to designing jewelry, saving a large Japan jewelry show, and his passion for meditation.


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