E41 With Ava Roosevelt

Miss D and Ava discuss her start in Poland at a convent before being discovered and having success as a model. During her modeling career, she became friends with Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate, and their friends when she moved to L.A. and was supposed to be with them on the night of the Manson Family massacre. They cover her working for a company vetting people for banks and writing her novel, The Racing Heart, which is available now.


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E14 With Nadine Kalachnikoff


Miss D and Nadine discuss Nadine’s parents’ escape from the Nazis. Her mother (from Spain) and father (from Russia) met in Paris. Nadine’s father was friends with the Nazi General who was asked by Hitler to burn Paris. The General allowed Nadine’s family to travel to Spain and eventually to the US. In school Hemingway helped her on a paper on “The Old Man and the Sea” and it received an “F.”

They also discuss costume balls, Dali, dyslexia, businesses she has started (pasta shop then catering company), Martha Stewart, gun safety, Lars Bolander showrooms, and butterfly canvases.

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E23 – Kay Gilman – 2016-05-24


Miss D and Kay discuss growing up with her father owning the New York Jets, her book “Inside the Pressure Cooker: A Season in the Life of the New York Jets,” working with Asbury Park Press, being the first woman writer at The Daily News and Vogue, interviewing Evel Knievel, Billie Jean King, Joe Namath, and Joe Frazier, women in sports, her book “The Savvy
Woman’s Success Bible” (with co-author Tina Flaherty), her company Hemming and Gilman, Alzheimer’s, Football Players, female sportswriters today, and heavyweight boxers.
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E24 – Amy Minty – 2016-06-07


Miss D and Amy, an erotic fiction author, discuss female power, controversy, male readers, novels (“For Better or Money,” “For Love or Sanity,” “Sink or Swim” – all 3 books are in a series of the same protagonist’s life), being a bartender, magazine views on spicing up your marriage, playsuits, where you can buy her books, and old cliches.
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