E60 With Robin Ganzert

e60 miss ds luna si - robin ganzert american humane

Today’s guest is the champion of animal welfare, Dr. Robin Ganzert. She is the president and CEO of one of the best rated charities in America, American Humane. This organization certifies the welfare of over 1 million animals. They help animal victims of catastrophic disasters and have launched a clinical trial demonstrating the effects of service dogs on cancer patients. Besides leading this amazing charity, she hosts a yearly award show about hero dogs on the Hallmark Channel, has her own podcast about loving animals, and is a highly sought after public speaker.

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E59 With Mark Musaus

Episode 59 With Mark Musaus miss ds luna si

Today’s guest has dedicated over 38 years of his life to the preservation of wildlife refuges across the country. He is the COO of the National Wild Refuge Association. A non profit focused on protecting and promoting the 850 million acres of land and waters set aside for wildlife conservation. Here to tell us about the issues and mounting challenges of conserving the worlds wildest animals, plants, and their habitats is Mark Musaus!

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E57 Part 1 With Ingvar Estrada

ep57 part 1 with ingvar estrada miss ds luna si

On today’s show Miss D chats with one of the most multifaceted people to have ever been on the show, Ingvar Estrada. Ingvar comes from a family of music as his mother was a Swedish Opera singer and his father was an Italian composer, but his range as an entertainer is far more broad than that. Listen as we walk through his marvelous career in various industries and listen to some of his hit songs.

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E56 With Alex Donner

Episode 56 Part 2 With Alex Donner miss ds luna si

My guest in today’s show razzles, dazzles, and makes everyone move their feet. He is both a singer and band leader and has performed for presidents, royalty, and celebrities alike. He’s a former lawyer turned world class musician. Listen as we walk through his incredibly interesting history and share some of his music in today’s show.

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E55 Part 2 With Billy David

episode 54 with billy david miss ds luna si

In part two of the series Miss D and Billy David continue to discuss the best directors and films from the “golden age” of the film industry. Billy’s uncanny ability to remember the details of classic films is absolutely fascinating. Miss D and Billy also discuss how the black list affected the film industry during the tension filled times of the 1940’s.

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E54 With Billy David

episode 54 with billy david miss ds luna si

In part one of this 2 part series Miss D and Billy David discuss the best directors and films from the “golden age” of the 1930’s to the mid 1960’s. Billy is a former marine infantry officer who served in Vietnam and later had a career in magazine publishing working at top magazines such as Rolling Stone and Town & Country. As an avid reader he leads book discussions at society of the 4 arts in Palm Beach. Billy’s wealth of knowledge of film is absolutely fascinating.

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E53 With Rory MacKay

Miss Ds Luna Si ep 53 with Rory MacKay

Miss D and Rory MacKay discuss his life as an artist. Rory is an incredible painter most known for his portraits of dogs. Miss D and Rory discuss how he got his start in dog portraits and what he’s expanded to. They discuss his clients (including Ivanka Trump) and why he loves calling West Palm Beach Home.

Rory is best reached at www.rory-mackay.com

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E52 With Jules Strickland

miss ds luna si episode 52 with jules strickland

Miss D and Jules Strickland discuss her professional singing career. Jules has been singing since the age of nine and they discuss how she became a professional singer that young. They discuss how she writes songs, plays piano, and is recording her first self-funded album. Miss D and Jules also listen to five songs from her repertoire.

Jules is available on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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E51 With Fernando Messulam

episode 51 with Fernando Messulam

Miss D and Fernando Messulam discuss his successful opera career. Fernando grew up in Argentina where he trained with masters to become the tremendous tenor he is. They discuss his craft, including his past and future plans, and how he goes about planning a new song. Miss D and Fernando also discusses other topics including his recent throat tumor and listen to five songs from his repertoire.

FernandoMessulam.com for all details.

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