E60 With Robin Ganzert

e60 miss ds luna si - robin ganzert american humane

Today’s guest is the champion of animal welfare, Dr. Robin Ganzert. She is the president and CEO of one of the best rated charities in America, American Humane. This organization certifies the welfare of over 1 million animals. They help animal victims of catastrophic disasters and have launched a clinical trial demonstrating the effects of service dogs on cancer patients. Besides leading this amazing charity, she hosts a yearly award show about hero dogs on the Hallmark Channel, has her own podcast about loving animals, and is a highly sought after public speaker.

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E59 With Mark Musaus

Episode 59 With Mark Musaus miss ds luna si

Today’s guest has dedicated over 38 years of his life to the preservation of wildlife refuges across the country. He is the COO of the National Wild Refuge Association. A non profit focused on protecting and promoting the 850 million acres of land and waters set aside for wildlife conservation. Here to tell us about the issues and mounting challenges of conserving the worlds wildest animals, plants, and their habitats is Mark Musaus!

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