E51 With Fernando Messulam

episode 51 with Fernando Messulam

Miss D and Fernando Messulam discuss his successful opera career. Fernando grew up in Argentina where he trained with masters to become the tremendous tenor he is. They discuss his craft, including his past and future plans, and how he goes about planning a new song. Miss D and Fernando also discusses other topics including his recent throat tumor and listen to five songs from his repertoire.

FernandoMessulam.com for all details.

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E27 With Melinda Hughes

Melinda is an opera singer and performer with a wide range of voices (Soprano). Miss D and Melinda discuss her studying voice in Holland and upon graduation she was employed by AndréRieu to tour around Europe. She played leads in Madame Butterfly, Aida, and more.

Melinda performs “Please Don’t Invite Me To Your Country Estate,” “Where Flamingoes Fly” and “Take Me Home.”

Performing at Crazy Coqs on November 9th (www.brasseriezedel.com).

Started a Berlin Cabaret (www.kissandtellcabaret.com).

Check Out Our Other Episodes!