E49 With April Russell

Episode 49 with April Russell Miss Ds Luna Si

Miss D and April Russell discuss her thriving interior design career. April grew up in both the US and the UK and she continues to split her time between the two countries. She credits being exposed to different cultures as a major inspiration for her designs. They also discuss her passion for traveling with her clients and adding talking pieces to every design.

AprilRussell.com for all details on her designs.

Follow her on Instagram for examples of her work.

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E42 With Lars Bolander

Episode 42 with Lars Bolander! Miss Ds Luna Si

Miss D and Lars discuss his start in Sweden studying under Carl Malmsten before going to America. There he fled from the draft, went to London, and worked under Gaby Schreiber, working to design the Cunard Line’s new cruise ship suites. After that, he started working for his friends, designing homes all over the world, meeting his wife, Nadine Kalachnikoff, and moving to Washington DC. They cover his life with his family, many fantastic travels, and books, including his latest, Lars Bolander: Interior Design and Inspiration, which is available now.


Check Out Our Other Episodes!