E39 With Roberto Monticello!

e39 miss ds luna si with Roberto Monticello

Miss D and Roberto discuss his start in Cuba with his Mother as a dancer from Spain and his Father as a circus performer. After going to theater school in Cuba, he was sent to a rehabilitation camp for protesting the government’s round-up of his gay friends, escaped while he was harvesting sugarcane, and swam to Guantanamo Bay, gaining his freedom. They cover his rise to success in film making, being called the Mayor of the Meatpacking District, and his many humanitarian efforts.


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E12 With Harry Hurt III


Miss D and Harry discuss flying a World War II airplane, quarterbacking the New York Jets, dancing with the New York City Ballet, The New York Times, his name, white water rafting, driving a race car on a Nascar track, polo, rock climbing, para-trooping and diving.

They also discuss his books “Texas Rich,” “For All Mankind,” “The Lost Tycoon:The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump” (Trump recently called him a dummy), “Chasing the Dream,” “How to Learn Golf,” “The Aim of Golf,” and “Hurt Yourself.”

Then Miss D tells her joke on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

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